Identical Triplets Puzzled To Learn DNA Doesn’t Match – More Tests Uncover Troubling Truth

It was easy for these triplets to assume that their DNA would match up perfectly, but then shocking news was delivered. In an attempt to see just how similar their DNA was, they decided to take Ancestry DNA Kits, however, they weren’t the only ones curious to see the results. Three different sets of triplets, and quadruplets all took the test. One of the triplets is the daughter-in-law of Dr. Phil McGraw, and wife of executive producer of The Doctors, Jay. She said confidently concerning their DNA tests, “I think they’ll be the same.”

Erica was not the only one who felt like their DNA would match up, and it only makes sense since identical triplets are the ones taking the tests. All it took was a simple saliva sample, and they sent it away to be tested. When triplets Erica, Nicole, and Jaclyn’s results were in, they were invited on The Doctors to go over the news with Dr. Travis. To their major surprise, their DNA did not match up. The sisters were left with more questions than answers, so they decided to investigate further.

They took the test again, this time with a different brand. It became clear that the problem was not with the triplets, but with the test kits themselves. The researchers then ran the same tests of different sets of multiples, and the results got even more confusing. Find out the real reason their DNA didn’t match in the video below, and learn how this affects you too.


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