If You Drink Lemon Water in the Morning, Add Pineapple to It. This Is the Most Important Reason Why!

Add this ingredient to your lemon water and start living healthier

We all know the benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning. But, try and add pineapple and this drink will be even healthier and with higher alkaline power. This fruit is rich in minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that give us many healthy benefits.

It is very important to sustain an acid-alkaline balance if we want to avoid any health issues since our body depends on its Ph Levels.

The mixture of lemon and pineapple with its rich mineral content can level up the alkaline Ph Level. Daily consumption of this fresh drink will improve your health significantly.
Just add 2 slices of pineapple and 50 ounces of a pineapple juice in your lemon water.

Here are 20 reasons why you need to try this magical mixture:

1. Reduce the Risk of Cancer
Scientists have proven that cancer cells can’t prosper in an alkaline environment like the one that this mixture creates.

2. Remedy for A toothache and Gingivitis
Many people that have consumed this healthy mix state that this is what helped them in relieving the toothaches as well as in treating gingivitis.

3. Weight Loss
The pectin, a polymer that lemons contain, creates an alkaline environment in the body and lowers the desire for food. Researchers have shown that an alkaline nutrition is very useful if you want to lose some weight.

4. Alleviate Muscle Pain
This combination of lemon water and pineapple will totally alleviate your muscle and elbow pain.

5. Hydration
This drink provides greater hydration during the day since lemons have high electrolyte capacities such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

6. Boosting the Digestion
The citric acid is included in great extend in lemons. This kind of acid reacts with other acids in the body and elevates the gastric acid secretion, thus boosting the digestion.

7. Enzyme Production
When it comes to enzyme production, lemon water is the beverage that can spur the liver to produce them.

8. Liver Cleanser
This healthy drink stimulates body detoxification and also it is a great liver cleanser.

9. Treatment of Respiratory Infections
You can beat many virus infections, sore throat and by consuming this amazing mixture. This amazing beverage can fight various infections, sore throat, and tonsil irritation.

10. Defecation Regulation
By adding a pineapple in your lemon water you can improve the defecation.

11. Ingestion Improvement
Lemon water combined with pineapple juice with its antioxidants will improve your ingestion and the function of your immune system. It will also help your body in fighting free radicals.

12. Nervous System Function
Our nervous system needs a good deal of potassium to function well. The potassium contained in lemons makes this drink a great fighter against some health problems such as anxiety and depression.

13. Blood Cleanser
This juice is great for cleansing your blood. It cleanses your arteries, veins, and capillaries.

14. Reduction of Blood Pressure
You can lower high blood pressure by 10% if you consume this drink on the daily basis.

15. Increasing Body Alkalinity
It is a great helper in maintaining the Ph Levels, thus making your body more alkaline and competent to fight many health problems.

16. Pregnancy
Lemons are a great source of vitamin C, which is the key in fighting colds and viruses. Also, vitamin C triggers the construction of bone tissue of the baby and the potassium stimulates the construction of the brain and nervous system.


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