If You Spot A Yellow Ribbon Tied Around A Dog’s Lead, Here’s What It Means.

We often hear the term dog is a man’s best friend and this statement is accurate for good reason.

When out in public once some of us spot an animal we have a tendency to make our way towards dogs, particularly to give them a rub.

Although some dogs enjoy the attention others require that a little bit of extra space in public surroundings.

Hence why the yellow ribbon project has come into effect.

When it comes to people,  some rescue dogs can be a little bit nervous in social settings.

Service dogs may not have completed their full training and are often unable to interact with humans.

People who are aware of this matter know not to approach and pet a dog as they are better off being left alone.

The purpose of the project is to shed light on the situation to let others know the animal requires a little bit of space.

The ribbon is designed to give people the necessary caution so as not to be ambushed while out walking their dog.

This initiative is very important for those who own special needs dogs.

When you see the ribbon, it does not mean you need to avoid the dog but just approach with caution,  as the animal may be nervous around strangers or other animals.

If people are confused about the matter,  owners who display the ribbons are more than happy to explain their origin.


Dogs that wear these ribbons still like to play with humans just like any other dog, however, they just need to be approached more gently.

Some dog me actually wear a vest or scarf in order to warn humans who have a tendency to approach pooches too promptly.

The ribbons, however, are not an excuse for owners to avoid training their animals properly either.

These initiatives are important because they prevent dogs from being placed in a situation where they are likely to become nervous or afraid.

The less a dog experiences fear the better, the leaflet below explains more detail on the project.

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