I’m so glad I met you


Do you ever just look at someone and just think, “I’m so glad I met you.”

I probably told my husband this millions of times :).. “I am so glad I met you, and I am the luckiest wife on earth because of you” 🙂

Sometimes the right people show up in your life just when you needed that particular type of friend. It is amazing!

There is nothing I’ve done in my life that I’ve regretted. I genuinely believe that I’ve experienced more in my years than anyone else I’ve ever known but I started so much younger than most. But what I’ve done has made me what I am. And I feel so blessed. Life is about experiences and I would of course like more but I also will never feel cheated at not having enough. Thankyou world.

Sure if they opened door to things you didn’t know existed and made you feel more appreciated, so you can become strong again.