In Public, Mother Breastfeeds 5 and 6 years old boys.

She has an excellent opportunity to devote herself to breastfeeding. However, the question of when a baby should be weaned from breast milk has always been debated.

The child should decide when it’s time to quit, according to this mother of two.

Sheryl Wynne, who lives in West Yorkshire, is a proponent of breastfeeding past the age at which it is socially acceptable. She brestfeed both of her sons, who are now in school.

The 39 years old mother of two made the call and decided to bring her children along to talk about when they should wean.

She believed that when her older son Riley turned three, she would stop breastfeeding. Riley stated that he would like to breastfeed until he was ten years old when she told him about her plans and asked for his opinion.

At first, she refused, telling the child, “There’s no chance.”

Wynne would not have it any other way at this point. She claims that it is a means of reassuring her children, who immediately turn to her when they require consolation.

She believes that breastfeeding her children, even when they are 5 and 6 years old and have outgrown their infancy, is completely normal. She believes the act helped her connect with her children.

She stated, “Even when they aren’t breastfeeding, they want to be with me and cuddle with me.”

Wynne shared that people she met online were much more accepting of her breastfeeding her boys than her own family was. She said that friends and family had said that her sons were acting strangely as a result.

Wynne responded, ” Although in many ways I follow my instincts, I don’t do it blindly because people think they are experts on other people’s children.”

She also claims that when she doesn’t want to feed her children, she sometimes says “no” and tells them to “get out.” However, when she makes decisions, she always considers their feelings and opinions.

She even claims to have breastfeed her children several times in public. She kept them in playgrounds at schools and other public locations. She claimed that these events made her feel anxious, but she didn’t want her children to experience the same anxiety, so she dug deep within herself and overcame it.

Due to her negative experience with the birth of her older son Riley, she insisted on breastfeeding both of her sons. She experienced feelings of guilt as a result of the fact that she was unable to breastfeed him appropriately. As a result, after giving birth to her younger son, Mylo, she made the decision to retry breastfeeding Riley.

Wynne is currently attempting to establish a new trend in which mothers should be allowed to choose when to wean their children. They feel closer to their children as a result of this.

Wynne claims that many attempts to bring her down have been made at her expense, but that hasn’t stopped her. She insists that her sons have input into her schedule.

Take Wynne’s decision to breastfeed her sons until maybe ten years old.

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