It’s not okay to force your beliefs on people

It’s okay for you to believe what you believe. It is not okay however, for you to insist that everyone else believe the same as you – That is truly what is so wrong with today worlds. Acceptance is the key to respecting each other.

True way of The truth & the life: I would not force my beliefs on other people. Please respect that my beliefs may not line up with what you believe. It doesn’t make us enemies, and it doesn’t mean I hate you.

There is nothing more frustrating, than having someone PUSH their beliefs upon you!

I do not force my beliefs, however if a person is drowning and their life needs to be saved I will throw them the life raft. It’s then up to them whether they will take it. 😉.  I will continue to love them no matter the choice.

We have our rights to believe what we want.  But we also must respect the others who believe different.  That is what makes “Nations” strong and successful.  

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