It’s The Egg-Peeling Hack A LOT Of People Are Talking About

It’s the peeling hardboiled egg hack that will make you wonder how the heck have you gone this long without knowing it. If you’re like me and most of the other people in the world, then peeling the shell off of hardboiled eggs is literally the bane of your existence.

But now thanks to this hack that has gone viral on social media, it no longer has to be. And it is pretty simple.

it's the egg-peeling hack a lot of people are talking about!

So according to the video, first, take your fresh egg and light crack the bottom of it. Not so much that yolk begins to spill out but just enough to give it some breathing room. 

Then, plop the eggs into your water and cook as you would normally cook hardboiled eggs. Once the eggs are ready, grab a container that has a lid.

Put the eggs in the container and fill that container with cold water. Once it has the eggs and water in it, put the lid on tightly and shake for about “10 seconds.”


Once you’ve done that, take off the lid and the eggs should be completely separate from their shell without you ever having to peel anything! How amazing is that?

It’s the egg peeling hack A LOT of people are talking about!

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In this particular video, it shows the woman shaking only one egg at a time. It’s unclear if that’s because she only had a container big enough to fit one egg or because it only works one egg at a time.

Either way, this method will still be faster than peeling every egg by hand! “I have been using this for a while,” a commenter wrote. “It actually works if ur egg is well done it doesn’t get messed up in the water. I can confirm it works.”


However, some commenters think this hack makes even more work for them because it shows only one egg at a time and because it is dirtying another dish that will have to be washed when you’re finished.

So what do you think? Will you be giving this hack a try? Do you think it will take even more work? Or did you already know about this and have been using it for years? Let us know!

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