Jason Momoa Hopes His Children Don’t Become Actors

When it comes to being an actor or an actress, you might think they have a pretty sweet gig. And while that is probably true, that doesn’t necessarily mean that as parents these actors and actresses want their kids to follow in their footsteps. Take Jason Momoa for example.

At least that is the case for actor Jason Momoa and his wife, actress Lisa Bonet. Despite both of their successes on the big and small screens, Momoa says he hopes his children don’t follow in his footsteps.

aquaman's jason momoa admits that he will do what he can to make sure his children don't become actors

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Jason Momoa Hopes His Child Doesn’t Actually Pursue Acting

However, while Bonet’s adult daughter and Momoa’s adult stepdaughter, Zoë Kravitz, is also a very successful actress, it turns out that one of the two children Bonet and Momoa share together also caught the acting bug.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Momoa was admittedly bummed when he learned that about his child. “Aw man, one of them wants to [pursue acting] and I’m not a fan,” the dad said. “I don’t want them to.”

aquaman's jason momoa admits that he will do what he can to make sure his children don't become actors
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In fact, he’s so against his kid pursuing acting that he’s working hard to help them find their other passions. “I’ll try my damnedest to keep ’em out of it. I love storytelling, I love theatrical things, I like directing and filmmaking, but I just want them to, you know, really to go for other things.”

And while you may be thinking why wouldn’t Momoa want this glamorous lifestyle for his kids? Well, according to the actor, it’s actually a very hard profession.

“I don’t want them to get into acting. It’s very hard on people and I don’t want them to have that pressure,” he explained. “I’m tough, I can handle it, but I wouldn’t want to put someone I love [through] that.”

And Momoa’s 20-year-old co-star Isabela Merced of his upcoming movie, Sweet Girl, can understand where he is coming from. “There’s a lot of, like, extra stuff that comes with acting that you’re like, ‘I didn’t sign up for this!’ But you love it, so you gotta do it.”

Right now, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s children Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa is 12 and Lola Iolani Momoa is 14. However, because he is the loving father that he is, he also admitted that if acting was something his child got deeply passionate about, he wouldn’t force them out of it.

How do you think this is going to turn out?

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