Jimmy Asks Celine To Impersonate Michael Jackson, Has To Stop The Show When She Starts To Dance

Jimmy Fallon has knack for getting celebrities out of their comfort zone, including music icon Celine Dion. When she appeared on The Tonight Show in a dazzling sequin dress, it looked as if she was ready for a performance of her own, yet as soon as Jimmy Fallon brought out the game called “Wheel of Musical Impression” only truth would tell. The brilliant gadget sitting on Fallon’s desk, the musical impressions generator, would give two crucial pieces of information for this exciting game – artist and song.

When Celine Dion’s random combination came together, it created an unforgettable moment. Her very first song wasn’t easy as she realized she had to sing like Cher, and not only that, but sing like Cher with the song ‘Frère Jacques’. Celine jumped right into the impression as gracefully as we would have imagined her to, but then more song choices kept coming her way. Taking turns between the songs, her and Fallon both got warmed up to the idea of musical impressions, in fact, what artist popped up for Celine had her so into the game that she had to get out of her seat.

Going above and beyond, Celine made for the most entertaining round of musical impressions yet. Just when you think things couldn’t get more interesting with Michael Jackson’s ‘One Dance’, wait till you see what she’s got for an impression of Rihanna, and her unbelievable dance to go along with it in the most hilarious video below.

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