Kidnapping My Sister Because My Parents Were Neglecting Her?

One user is asking Reddit if they are the a****** for “kidnapping” their sister post surgery after their parents weren’t exactly taking care of her.

“My(21m) sister (14f) recently had to have a cholecystectomy, also known as open gallbladder surgery. My parents haven’t always been the nicest people in the world but I thought they would at least change a bit now.”

aita for 'kidnapping' my sister because my parents were neglecting her post surgery?
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“They were pretty mean throughout the entire time such as complaining about her complaining of discomfort. Yelling about how hard it was to help her up etc. I came to help post op and the entire time they weren’t getting her or helping her get anything. I was always there to help her. I had to go do something for work and came back to find her attempting to get out of bed to refill her water bottle obviously struggling to do so and balling her eyes out.”

It was then that the OP (original poster) decided it was time to take matters into their own hands.

“This was my last straw and I asked her if she wanted to stay over at my place for recovery and she said yes. My parents didn’t even find out till like an hour or so later. They were upset and we argued and went back and forth and they accused me of kidnapping and manipulation until I hung up but I’m starting to think I was [acting excessively] and reacted emotionally.”

aita for 'kidnapping' my sister because my parents were neglecting her post surgery?
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One user commented, saying: “NTA. You saw a problem, offered a hand, and she took it. Are you making her life better by taking her with you? If so, don’t worry about your sister (but maybe a little bit about your parents).”

“On the legal side of things, I don’t know what would happen if your parents called the cops on you or served you in court (I think that’s how you say this). Maybe that’s worth a few minutes of internet research or a few phone calls. Would your sister’s desires be taken into account if her legal guardians request that she be brought back home? Would you get into trouble?”

While another user recommended the sister contact CPS.

aita for 'kidnapping' my sister because my parents were neglecting her post surgery?
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“Assuming this is in the USA, OP could probably file a neglect case with CPS if the parents tried to actually push a kidnapping charge. Since she’s a teenager the judge is more likely to listen to her input, and she could have injured herself trying to get out of bed to meet a basic need like getting water.”

“OP should document EVERYTHING like the timing of when he picked his sister up, what he observed, how he felt she was in need of help, communication texts with parents, etc. just in case that’s needed for legal purposes. SOURCE: Mandated reporter, have ridden this carousel before.”

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