Do You Know Fasting Can Help You Lose Weight? Check it Out!

Fasting is a religious practice and followers of different religions like Islam, Christianity, Sikhism and Judaism observe fasting for a month or more than a month. In practice, fasting is abstinence and to spend some hours without taking any meal or water. Thus it reduces the rate of intake calories which stops fats from more production. it is not a myth rather a reality that you can lose weight by fasting. Usually people observe fasting due to religious bounding in times when respective religion ask them to do while fasting for losing weight has been becoming a common practice in modern times without any religious restrictions.

In modern times, when people observe fasting only for losing weight, it does not mean you have to observe religious timings as well rather you can a meal or two and drinks for some time and take a little calories after a couple of hours,  a process called intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting allows you to take small amount of calories during long intervals of fasting. In 2014, a research on losing weight concluded that intermittent fasting can help you to lose 3-8 % in 3-24 weeks. Some people lost 3-8 % of their waist circumference which indicates a decrease in belly size. As long as you observe fasting, fats would be stopped from producing and your hormones working will reduce belly fat and weight. There are some prescribed methods of increasing food intervals as:

  • 16/8 method: in this process, one should skip breakfast and take diet only in eight hours a day such as from noon to night and spend time night to noon without taking any calories.
  • Eat-stop-Eat: in this process, one should fix a day when no calories would be taken and take regular meals throughout the week such as 24 hours without any regular hard meal.
  • 500-600 calories: These calories should be taken in two days a week and eat normal food for the rest of 5 days.

The scientific methods prove that fats are the extra calories we take in our diet so when we do not take much calories, our body consumes our fats for performing different functions like increasing capability of metabolism and hormones. Consequently, fats are burnt and weight is lost. Our body needs energy to perform its functions and same rule is followed by other organs as well. The nervous system also consumes energy from burnt fats when it does not get direct energy from meals. In addition to it, when we take regular meals, insulin level remains high but when we are fasting, insulin level becomes low which facilitates fats in burning and losing weight. All the above stated suggestions about fasting are scientifically proved and leave no side effects to the body. Fasting does not mean starvation rather it is a process of some hours which is necessary for our bodies especially stomach to function smoothly.

Eat healthy, live healthy.

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