Vitamins are highly needed for proper and optimal function of the body as even deficiency of one vitamin can lead to severe health problems. For that reason, always check your vitamin level.

Vitamin B12 is one of the most important vitamins that the human body needs, and if the body is short of it, it could trigger serious health issues.

Health Benefits of Vitamin B12

Maintains heart health

Vitamin B12 takes a key role in the reduction of blood homocysteine levels. These levels are the ones that trigger the occurrence of heart concerns. Therefore, make sure to take in B12 vitamins as they will keep you safe and sound.

  1. Enhances bones

Many studies have proven that persons who are short of vitamin B12 commonly suffer from osteoporosis. Likewise, they also show increased homocysteine levels in their blood.

In order to protect your body from osteoporosis, ensure optimal level of vitamin B12 in your body.

  1. Preserves nerves from damage

Vitamin B12 supports body production of more myelin, which is a major compound in the nerves thus keeping the body safe from health risks. In this way, the nerve damage is substantially lowered securing for the body to function accordingly.

  1. Elevates body energy

Vitamin B12 increases the energy flow within the body, and if the body is deficient from it, exhaustion and nausea appear. So, aid your metabolism to convert carbohydrates into energy by increasing your vitamin B12 intake.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

When this happens, the following health conditions appear:

  1. Anemia

Once the body is short of vitamin B12, the proper work of the cells carrying oxygen to the organs is impeded thus leading to this serious issue.

  1. Tongue inflammation and swelling

This can happen to your mouth cavity if the body is short of vitamin B12, the tongue will become inflamed and swollen. This will cause a loss of the sense of taste thereby having the feeling that the food tastes differently than usual.

  1. Head and feet numbness

Once the body lacks vitamin B12 the oxygen levels in the body are low hence causing for the feet and head to become stiff which may lead to a serious form of numbness.

  1. Fatigue

Due to lack of vitamin B12 you may experience sleepiness and drowsiness. However, not every type of sleepiness is related to the lack of vitamin B12, yet if this occurrence is persistent and happens at peculiar times, then for sure it is a symptom of this deficiency.

Natural Ways of Getting Vitamin B12

  1. Eggs

They are cheap, easily available and extremely healthy. Moreover, they have high content of vitamin B12 and offer a great variety of consumption.

  1. Beef

Beef contains vitamin B12 and vitamin A. The best beef meat is the lean one.

  1. Turkey

This meat offers great nutritive values. It supplies the body with large content of vitamin B12, namely one serving of turkey dish offers about 48.2 mg. of vitamin B12.

  1. Clams

Clams have high content of potassium, but as well as clams offer a great content of vitamin B12 and iron. In 3 oz. of clams there are approximately 126 calories and 23.8 mg. of iron.

However, if you are vegan the following products will offer you high content of vitamin B12: cereal, yogurt, cheese, nutritional yeast, and plant-based milk.

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