Lady gets a big transformation, surprises her husband because he can’t tell it’s her.

Mary Johnson, who worked as a representative in North Dakota, cared more about making sure Fargo city worked well than how she looked.

The woman wanted to match her looks with her success, so she left her position and went to Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy known for amazing changes.

By getting an amazing makeover, Johnson transformed from “regular Mary Johnson from Fargo” to someone remarkable, surprising her husband a lot.

Back in 2019, Mary Johnson from North Dakota, who was 60 at the time, took a break from her state responsibilities and visited Christopher Hopkins’ salon. The skilled stylist, known for the book “Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45,” was prepared for Johnson, a former member of the North Dakota House of Representatives.

Until 2022, the woman was part of a committee and desired a new appearance reflecting her work and personal aims. She aimed to astonish her husband, David, who was indeed surprised by her significant change! Sitting in Hopkins’ salon chair, she specified, 

“No purple, no blue, none of that…”

Getting rid of the years and giving her hair a nice cut that complements her freckled face, Hopkins also mixed a bit of red to blend her natural gray with blonde highlights, enhancing her bright eyes.

When her amazing makeover was unveiled, Johnson looked impeccably styled with a natural-looking makeup.

As they film the makeover, someone else at Hopkins’ place, not on camera, comments that Johnson appears to be around 42. With a big smile, Johnson mentions that being 42 was about “20 years ago.”

After that, she goes to the room where her husband David is eagerly waiting.

Would he surely recognize her?

He didn’t! When Mary comes near him, his mouth falls open, and he exclaims, “WOW.” Later, he admits he thought she was someone else.

“I wouldn’t have recognized you,” he laughs, captivated by his stunning wife.

Johnson is really happy with her new appearance. She says, “I feel fantastic. It exceeded all my expectations. You didn’t have much to work with, but wow, what an amazing job!”

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