She lay motionless for seven years on the old man’s bed. When her sister came to visit, she ran screaming from the house.

Is this true love? Carl Taenzler was born in Germany and worked as a scientist in the 1930s. He fell in love with a woman and stayed true to her long past her death. But the way he did it gives many people goosebumps.

In 1930, Taenzler was working at a military hospital in Florida as an X-ray technician. He went by the name of Dr. Carl Graf von Cosel. There he met 21-year-old Cuban-American, Elena de Hoyos, during her visit to the hospital.


Taenzler claimed he’d had visions and dreams of her prior to their meeting and fell deeply in love with the girl. But she was already married at the time, even though she and her husband lived separately. The beautiful, young girl also had little interest in 53-year-old Taenzler. He overwhelmed her with gifts and tried to prove his devotion, but she always sent him packing.

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