What does the length of your hair say about your personality? I was surprised how accurate it was!

After a break-up, many women understand the need to get a new haircut or dye their hair a different color. No wonder then, that the length of your hair reveals so much about your character and your current mood. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a fresh, short haircut, an elegant bob, or a volume-filled, flowing mane – with their hairstyles, women give the world around them a deep insight into their innermost thoughts. Through their haircuts, they show how they are feeling and what sort of person they are.

1. Short hair

Towel Dried

Women sporting this look have no interest in and no time for labor-intensive blow drying or styling. They appreciate this haircut because it’s very practical and, above all, suited to a daily routine. They are often sporty women, who invest a lot of time in their social relationships and who are very outgoing. With a short haircut, you can’t hide your face. For the women who prefer this style that isn’t necessary, because they are very self-confident. They place great value on their jobs, and it’s how they develop themselves mentally. In difficult situations they keep a cool head and try to find a solution. Having said that, sometimes women with short hair act hastily, without thinking through the consequences in detail.

2. Bob

With chin-length hair, a woman can send very different messages: styling the hair severely towards the back makes her look very serious. Or with hairpins and wax, she can conjure up a funky, youthful hairdo, giving her a very modern appearance. As a result, it’s impossible to pigeonhole women with this hairstyle. On the one hand, they are very down-to-earth and reliable, but on the other, they are also spontaneous and very open to new experiences. Furthermore, they are honest, and are not afraid to give their opinions and stand by them.

Women with his hairstyle manage to reach an ideal work-life-balance, in which they pay equal attention to their private life and working life. Like short-haired women, these women encounter problems, because they frequently act without thinking things through first.

3. Shoulder-length hair 

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