Life is too short to be unhappy

Life is too short to be Unhappy.
You have to take the good
with the bad, smile when you
sad, love what you got and
always remember what you
had. Always forgive but never
forget. People change and
things go wrong. But always
remember, LIFE GOES ON.

Life is not always
a matter of holding
good cards, but
sometimes, playing
a poor hand well. 
-Jack London

The people you
must lie to, own you.
The things you have
to lie about, own you. 
-Michael Ventura

“You learn more
from failure than from
success. Don’t let it
stop you. Failure
builds character.”

“For every reason
it’s not possible, there
are hundreds of people
who have faced the same
circumstances and succeeded.”
-Jack Canfield