Little Boy’s Handed New Baby Sister, His One Question For Mom Has The Internet Cracking Up

If you’re a parent, you’ve likely been somewhat embarrassed, maybe even mortified, by something one of your kids has said out loud in front of others. They can be unpredictably adorable little creatures and sometimes say the wrong thing at the wrong time without meaning to.

A child might confess to a teacher that he caught mommy and daddy smooching. A little girl might bluntly tell someone their cookies taste yucky. Maybe they declare that someone’s dress really isn’t pretty or proclaim out loud that they just don’t like a gift they’ve received.

These are the cringe-worthy moments that make parenthood the crazy roller-coaster ride that it is – just like in the following video. However, what this little boy had to say instead had everyone rolling with laughter!

The tiny boy was perched on a hospital couch ready to meet his new sister, and he couldn’t contain his excitement. Mom placed a nursing pillow around his waist to help elevate the baby and make her easier for him to hold.

This little cutie was all smiles as mom gently laid his swaddled baby sissy in his outstretched arms. Dad was recording the whole thing and we are glad he did!

Big brother happily smooches his little sister on the check, commenting on how she is wiggling around. Mom asks if he’s going to be nice to her or mean — he just giggles.

Mom declares that she must like her big brother. He points out how she’s sticking out her tongue at him and gets a kick out of little sister’s newborn antics.

There are some things in life that can make a kid curious. So this guy decided to point out how he and his sister are similar.

He begins pointing out her familiar body parts that are just like his. But then he receives a life lesson from Mom and his response is hilarious.

Watch the video and see what funny question he asks Mom… Kids say the darnedest things!

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