For a long time, nobody knew what the Hollywood star secretly got up to. But after his death, it slowly came out.

Kyle Upham served many years as a soldier in the army and in 2004 he was deployed to Iraq. Before he left, he and his then fiancée got married. When he returned a few months later, he wanted to belatedly buy an engagement ring for his bride Kristen, so the couple went to a high-end store in Santa Barbara to try and find the right one.


The ring they found was radiantly beautiful and was simply made ​​for Kristen. There was only one problem: it cost around $9,000. That was money the Uphams simply didn’t have at that point in time.

Feeling disappointed, they left their telephone number behind just in case a less expensive ring in the same product range came along. After that, Kyle and Kristen left the shop feeling pretty discouraged.

Jewelry store - Ridgedale Mall

But they didn’t get very far when all of a sudden their phone rang. It was none other than the jewelry store, asking the two to immediately return to the shop. A saleswoman was already there waiting at the door with a bag in her hand. Smiling, she said: “Here’s your ring,” and then went back inside. When Kyle and Kristen looked in the bag, they were speechless. In it was the exact same ring they had picked out with a note saying that an unknown benefactor had paid for everything.

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