The New Discovery About the Benefits of Coconut Oil and It is Unexpected

A wide area of research in the previous years has been backing the awesomeness of coconut oil. How it makes your food healthy, your stomach better and your hair strong have been the talk of the town. Shortly, everybody was found claiming the various benefits of coconut oil but things are turning around for the fate of coconut oil producers after the shocking report released by American Health Association.

The Results Regarding Benefits of Coconut Oil

American Health Association has directly advised the public to stop using coconut oil to avoid the cardiovascular diseases because that’s what is causing it at some point. The Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Diseases Advisory have also dropped its statement in April 2017 against the use of coconut oil. As their team reviewed the existing data on saturated fat and the profile of coconut oil showing that coconut oil causes a serious upsurge in the LDL (BAD) cholesterol level in the blood and shockingly the results persisted for 7 out of 7 of their trials. The research by this representative team hasn’t observed any difference between the side effects of coconut oil and of those oils which are high in saturated fats such as beef fat, palm oil or butter, as stated in the report. More of, the detailed dietary study of coconut oil exhibited that 82% of the coconut oil fat is saturated which is even more than the fat ration in butter, beef and even in pork lard.

The American Heart Association said in the Dietary fats and Cardiovascular advisory that, “Because coconut oil increases LDL cholesterol, a cause of CVD (Cardiovascular Disease), and has no known offsetting favourable effects, we advise against the use of coconut oil”.

The leader author Sacks reported his astonishment while talking about the so-called benefits of coconut oil. He claimed that he doesn’t understand why people had been putting so much trust into coconut oil but he thinks the previous research is responsible for this irresponsible act for all over these years.

How can you Use Coconut Oil?

Saturated fat is a term all the heart patients run away from and doctors strictly recommend only 6% saturated fat in the whole day meals. Because some fats are healthy that keeps your system energetic and super functional. But still, if you avoid saturated fats say coconut oil completely it might not help you with your cardiovascular diseases because you might have been taking more sugar and the overall unhealthy ratio of calories per day. However, limiting all the unhealthy stuff along with coconut oil can robustly help you stay a little away from the cardiovascular diseases.

Sacks, the leader of the research team at American Health Association (AHA) said that “you can use coconut oil on your body, but you can’t use it in your body”.

This statement clarifies that coconut oil is still best for massage and hair conditioners. So enjoy the coconut oil smell in your hair and stop using it against your health.

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