How To Lose Weight Fast And Easy With The Japanese Morning Banana Diet!

This morning Japanese diet with bananas is extremely popular worldwide ever since it was published for the first time. This diet is going to help you make certain changes in your life that are going to introduce healthy routines and better your general lifestyle. You are likewise supposed to lose ten pounds in one week without any effort.

The diet is quite simple. All you have to do is eat bananas and drink water at room temperature in the mornings. During the remaining part of the day, you can eat anything that you wish. This diet was made by a couple from Japan. The husband was pretty unsuccessful in shedding the extra pounds, even though he tried a number of diets.

Therefore, together with his wife, who works as a pharmacist, they created this diet that includes consuming bananas and drinking water for breakfast and you don’t consume anything prior to having lunch.

Bananas include resistant starch, which boosts the weight-loss process and feeds to the cells of the body. You are allowed to eat as many bananas as you wish. The 80/20 Japanese rule is likewise useful, that is, you should eat 80% of your portions and leave the remaining 20%.

For this diet, you should have a glass of warm water. Next, about 30 minutes later have a banana. In case you are still hungry, eat one more banana 20 minutes later. Drink whatever you like for your other meals and avoid having snacks, with the exception of fruit.

You need to likewise avoid the intake of milk and alcohol while being on the diet, eat your last meal of the day before 8:00 PM and go to sleep before midnight. Scientific studies have shown that weight gain can be affected by going to sleep late at night.

The benefits of the Japanese diet are as follows:

  • The diet provides numerous health advantages
  • The consumption of breakfast on a regular basis can prevent overeating throughout the day, as well as promote the functioning of the metabolism
  • The drinking of water at room temperature is going to stimulate your metabolism
  • Bananas offer the body large amounts of fiber,energy and potassium
  • This diet is efficient and quite affordable
  • Bananas can help you get rid of the cellulite
  • You are going to successfully lose weight in a healthy manner and you are not going to experience any cravings late in the night
  • If you don’t drink coffee in the mornings, you are going to be able to regulate your levels of blood sugar and control your appetite
  • Your intake of alcohol intake is likewise going to be reduced

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