Madonna looks very different now, and a plastic surgeon gives their opinion on it.

Madonna surprised her fans with a very different look at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards on February 5th in Los Angeles. She seemed almost unrecognizable while introducing a performance by Sam Smith and Kim Petras on stage.

Piers Morgan, known for giving his opinion, unkindly posted a closeup of the “Back That Up to the Beat” singer on Twitter, saying, “I thought Halloween was in October?” Others watching the Grammys also shared their thoughts about the 64-year-old musician’s looks on Twitter.

People on Twitter talk about how Madonna looks at the Grammys.

One fan wonders, “What happened to Madonna’s face?” Another person thinks ” it seems like a Madonna impersonator with pictures of the real Madonna in the background, saying she really messed up her face.” Someone jokes that ” Madonna looks good if she’s a 2,700-year-old vampire eating babies and small animals.” Another person sarcastically asks if “Madonna is nominated for “Best New Face” at the Grammys this year.?”

One fan felt “Madonna looked like a Bratz Doll,” and someone else doubted the photo, saying ” I don’t believe it’s actually Madonna.” Many users agreed with this sentiment. Another fan expressed frustration about societal pressures, saying ” I don’t hate Madonna for changing her appearance but what i dislike that she might feel pressured to do so.” Meanwhile, another fan disagreed, saying ” those who think Madonna is pressured by society don’t truly know her.”

A doctor who does plastic surgery shares thoughts on how Madonna’s face is changing.

Fans and critics have been eager to know what experts think about the changes in the “Frozen” singer’s appearance. Industry professionals, as reported by the Daily Mail, suggest various procedures like excessive filler, Botox, a facelift, and even a nose job. Dr. Michael Horn, a certified plastic surgeon, believes her current look is likely the result of recent surgical procedures.

Over time, Madonna seems to have had many plastic surgeries, according to Horn. He thinks one of these surgeries was a facelift, pointing out that her skin looks tight and wrinkle-free. He also suggests that her eyes appear smaller, possibly due to the effects of a facelift.

Madonna looked very different at the Grammys last night, and Horn thinks it’s the most distinct change we’ve seen in her appearance. He believes she might have had a nose job (rhinoplasty), noting that her previous natural nose suited her face, but the current version has a pointy tip and looks narrower.

Did Madonna recently get new Botox and fillers?

Horn pointed out that Madonna’s face shows signs of Botox, noticing the absence of expression lines and minimal facial movement when she talks. He emphasized the significant change in Madonna’s facial shape, describing it as a more V-shaped structure. Horn believes she used a lot of filler over time, giving her face a fuller look and altering the natural bone structure. He mentions that her cheekbones are now more prominent and appear unnaturally high.

Did Madonna get a brow lift?

Horn mentioned Madonna’s eyebrows and hairline, indicating to him that she likely had a brow lift, especially noticeable because her eyebrows, which used to be thick, now appear thin.

Madonna responds to criticism about her looks, calling it ‘ageism’ and ‘misogyny.’

On February 7th, Madonna shared a message on Twitter with a recent picture, saying the world feels threatened by her power, intelligence, and will to survive. She asserted that despite challenges, she won’t be broken. On the same day, she addressed negative comments about her appearance on Instagram, feeling they overshadowed her speech honoring “fearless artists” like Smith and Petras.

She mentioned that many people only focus on close-up photos taken with a long lens camera by a press photographer, which can distort anyone’s face.

Madonna said she’s facing ageism and misogyny that exists in our world. She noted that society tends to criticize women over 45 who are strong, hard-working, and adventurous. Madonna emphasized that she won’t apologize for her creative choices, appearance, or style, and she has never done so in the past.

The media has criticized me throughout my career, but I see it as a test. I’m willing to pave the way so that future women face less difficulty.

Quoting Beyonce, Madonna declares that her soul won’t be broken. She ends by expressing anticipation for more years of rebellious actions, challenging norms, resisting patriarchy, and, above all, enjoying her life.

Fans say Madonna looks completely different in Thanksgiving pictures, describing her face as ‘unrecognizable’ and comparing her to a Bratz Doll.

Madonna’s Grammy appearance follows a surprise Thanksgiving look that surprised fans a few months ago. She celebrated Thanksgiving with all six of her children, sharing pictures of the holiday with them on Instagram on November 25th.

Wearing a unique outfit with long, red, curly hair and a black corset dress (not the usual Thanksgiving attire!), Madonna posted several pictures with her children. In one shot, all seven of them posed for the camera. While her followers appreciated the glimpse into her family’s Thanksgiving, many couldn’t help but comment on her “unrecognizable” appearance. Some suggested she looks like a Bratz doll, speculating about plastic surgery, Botox, and fillers. Many others pleaded with her to stop making these changes.

Fans think Madonna looks completely different.

Fans are expressing concern, with one saying they can’t even recognize Madonna anymore. Another person mentioned she doesn’t look like herself, and there are comments about too much Botox and fillers, making her unrecognizable. Some fans feel the Madonna they used to know is gone, with one saying she looks strange and completely different. Others question if it’s really Madonna, with one fan stating she’s the “artist formerly known as Madonna.” Many are left wondering, “What have you done to yourself?”

Fans believe that no one appears happy in the photos.

Some fans felt that the “Material Girl” singer and her family appeared quite unhappy in the holiday pictures. One fan questioned the lack of joy, smiles, and even Madonna’s recognizability due to changes in her appearance. Another called the photos creepy and wondered why everyone seemed unhappy. Others observed a lack of joy and expressed concern that the children looked miserable and sad.

Fans are pleading with Madonna to stop getting plastic surgery.

Some fans expressed disappointment in the way the “Like A Virgin” singer looks now, with some even begging her to stop getting cosmetic procedures. One fan mentioned the change in Madonna’s face, saying it looks bad and expressing sadness with a crying emoji. Another pleaded for her to stop the surgery, calling it a not-so-good look. Yet another fan begged her to preserve her once-beautiful face and avoid more plastic surgery.

Madonna has faced criticism about her looks before.

A few months earlier, Madonna’s fans shared their thoughts on Instagram clips of her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in August, where she was promoting “Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones.” One fan expressed love for her but urged her to reconsider her appearance, asking her to grow older gracefully.

Madonna’s use of fillers gives her an alien-like look, according to one comment. The person thinks she would be naturally beautiful without altering her face. Another straightforwardly states that her plastic surgery looks terrible. Yikes!

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