Make Raisin Water To Detoxify Your Liver And Cleanse Your Intestines From Toxins – RECIPE

Despite the fact that we consume a lot of healthy foods, there is also a great amount of toxins and waste material being consumed, and we should eliminate these toxins out of our bodies. The kidneys, liver, and lungs are the main organs that have this function under control and our body heavily relies on them.

The liver is the biggest organ in our body, it has a great responsibility, in fact it is the organ responsible for over 500 processes that happen in the inside of our body. It is in charge of eliminating toxins, fighting infections and it is also in charge of the production of the hormones and proteins which are essential for our bodies.

This organ is able to detoxify the blood (eliminate the toxins out of the blood), and clean the blood from drugs and alcohol that we have consumed the previous day. It is also storing minerals and vitamins and it converts the sugars into pure energy. The liver can also produce bile which is essential for the digestion of the fats in our body, it breaks down the hemoglobin, insulin and the rest of the hormones located in our body.

The liver is also able to regenerate itself once it has been injured. It filters the blood from all of the toxic substances that it can collect, which makes it one of the most important organs in our body.

So, if you would like to protect this amazingly important organ from any damage, the healthy foods and drinks are the number one tool for doing this, you should also keep drinking large amounts of water as well as keeping away any unhealthy and processed foods. By eating unhealthy foods rich in fast and processed foods you can significantly damage this organ, and if your liver is not fully functional you will not be able to cleanse your body, and it is going to be full of dangerous toxins. This is going to result in developing chronic diseases which can end up bad for you!

But, lucky for you, today we have decided to present to you an amazing and simple solution which is going to help you cleanse your intestines and liver from the toxins that it has gathered, and this solution is known as “the raisin water”. The ingredients are easy to get and the recipe is very simple to make – here are the steps that you are going to need to follow in order to make this drink:

You are going to need the following ingredients:

  • A cup of raisins
  • Three cups of water

How to prepare the solution:

The first thing that you are going to need to do is get yourself some organic black raisins. Fill a pot with water and boil the raisins in this pot for about two minutes. Let the mixture stay for up to one day. Consume the raisin water in the morning when you get out of bet on an empty stomach, repeat the process for one week. The first results are going to be noticeable in just a couple of days!

As we all already know the raisin water is not going to work by itself. So, if you would like to regenerate your liver you are also going to need to stop drinking alcohol and start eating healthier unprocessed foods!

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