He Makes Quick Stop Home For Lunch, But When He Reads Her Shirt Falls To Knees In Tears

YouTube has become a convenient platform for so many people around the world to showcase their talents, review popular brands, post encouraging videos, and share amazing stories. I often find myself browsing through YouTube channels before trying a new restaurant or a new line of hair products to hear what people are saying about them, or even when I just need to hear a few heartening songs and messages.

Well, this video is one of the most touching surprise videos of the year! When 23-year-old Richard Davis came home during his lunch break, his girlfriend, 22-year-old Destiny Price, had some news that would leave him speechless.

As soon as Richard walked in the door, Destiny happily greeted him, asking, “What does this shirt say?”

Confused, he glanced down at her shirt and began to read its words out loud: “Always read the fine print…I’m pregnant.”

Once Richard actually processed what he had just read, he dropped to his knees and began to sob into his girlfriend’s stomach, holding her body tightly to his face. The couple took in the special moment with tears and exchanges of “I love you.”

This pregnancy is especially poignant for the young couple because they have been trying to conceive for a while but had not had any success in doing so. Destiny has two kids of her own, who Richard has joyfully taken on the father role for, but having his first biological child was something he had been relentlessly hoping for.

“I had been praying day and night for God to send us this little miracle,” Richard said. Destiny had been extremely discreet about her pregnancy before the emotional reveal, even telling Richard that the two would “try again the next month.”

Excited about the third child on the way, Richard proclaimed his love for all three of his children and expressed how honored he felt about all of it.

Congratulations on your growing household, Destiny and Richard! We hope nothing but continuous love, joy, and peace for your family and a safe delivery for baby Granger Kade Davis in December. YAY! 

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