This man is accused of raping a girl. When they arrest him, he reveals a secret that leaves everyone speechless.

Pili told the truth but, of course, nobody believed her. So she asked the police to find a woman to physically examine her, to prove she couldn’t be responsible, and she was released straightaway. The well-known “Uncle Hussein” was really a woman, no question about it. How had she managed to go unnoticed for nearly a decade? Her fellow miners were totally shocked! Many of them, in fact, did not believe it until several years later, when Pili got married and had children.

Now Pili no longer needs to hide who she is. “I’m proud of what I did. It made me a millionaire, but it was difficult”, she said. However, “I want to make sure my daughter goes to school, has an education and is capable of living her life in a different way.” What amazing strength this woman has!

For Pili, there were no other alternatives other than to pretend to be a man working in a rough environment where women were highly discriminated against. She showed that “being a man” was nothing more than acting in a way determined by a certain culture — namely by acting strong and tough, not showing weakness or emotions and by behaving rudely. She was able to carry out the same workload as her fellow men and do even more. She was never left behind and never needed help. Pili is a prime example that women can do anything they set their minds to and there is no job a woman is not fit to do.

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