Man asks his wife to support his three kids from his previous marriage, and her reply is clever.

In marriage, couples often argue about different things, which can range from minor to major issues. The story we’re going to tell you is one of those big disagreements.

Arguing with your partner isn’t easy, but sometimes it’s necessary. Read on to find out more.

Many couples often fight about money, and it’s a major obstacle they encounter. This story is no exception. The main problem for this couple ultimately boils down to their finances.

On Reddit, a husband talked about being increasingly mad at his wife. He had five kids: two with his current wife, Stacey, and three from his ex-wife, Hannah.

Stacey made it clear that she didn’t consider those three kids from his past marriage her responsibility.

“Since Stacey and I got together, she’s always said that my three kids with Hannah are our responsibility, not hers. It used to be okay, but now it’s starting to affect me,” wrote the husband who’s feeling troubled.

Stacey told him that since he gives money for his three kids from his first marriage, he has to give the same amount for their two kids together. Additionally, they share the bills for the house.

Stacey supports his three kids from the past by looking after them, but she doesn’t give money for their expenses. “Stacey doesn’t mind taking care of my and Hannah’s children. She helps with school, activities, and making sure they have what they require,” he said.

When she buys things for his kids, she asks him to send her money through Venmo.

“We went on a family trip, and she insisted I pay for half of our kids’ part and all of Hannah’s part. I told her it’s affecting my money situation, but she didn’t show concern. She said my kids are my responsibility,” explained the upset husband.

She began saving money for her kids’ college. When his ex-wife, Hannah, learned about this, she got upset and told him to do the same for their three kids. He mentioned this to Stacey, and she agreed, but he had to put the same amount of money into the funds for their kids as well.

He was mad and requested Stacey to contribute more to household costs, saying, “I can’t handle paying for child support, household bills, and all the extra expenses for my kids. It wouldn’t be a financial burden for her because she earns more than me and can easily share some money.”

This made Stacey so mad that she left their house with their kids. People who shared their opinions were supporting his wife and saying she didn’t have to look after his kids from his earlier marriage, even though she did it willingly.

People could see why she got so upset about his unkind behavior. Some even mentioned all the help she gave him and his kids with taking care of them, and they thought he should appreciate it. So, it looks like her reaction was reasonable.

One Reddit user said, “It seems like Stacey has a job, looks after your kids together, and helps with your children from your previous marriage. Step up and appreciate her.”

Many people thought that if he wasn’t prepared to support all five of his children both emotionally and financially, he shouldn’t have had them. As a parent, it’s important to treat all your kids the same.

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