Man drives over 100 mph to catch flight, kills two people on way to airport

An affidavit has revealed the cause of Joseph Diaz’s high rate of speed when he crashed into another car, killing its two occupants.

According to the statement, the 21-year-old was traveling at speeds that exceeded 100 mph because he was late for his flight.

MUGSHOT RELEASED: 21-year-old Joseph Diaz is charged with manslaughter after a crash that killed two people on Hwy 71 on…

Gepostet von CBS Austin am Mittwoch, 22. Januar 2020

The crash occurred shortly after 9 a.m. Sunday morning on Highway 71 in Austin, Texas. Prior to the crash, police received a call about a reckless driver. The Texas Department of Public Safety estimated that in order for the driver of that car, Diaz, to reach the site of the crash scene, he would have needed to have been driving between 100 and 120 mph.