As everyone knows, pets can sometimes be very mischievous. But this little guy got himself into a very sticky situation.

Last Thursday, the owner of a home heard meowing coming from their attic, and they immediately called for help from the Emergency Animal Medical Technician from the Arizona Humane Society, Andy Gallo.

When Gallo arrived at the house, he was not expecting all of the work that would go into this rescue.

They believe that the kitten’s mother had moved her litter to the attic and somehow, this poor little kitten fell into the wall, and was left stuck.

“It was one of my more difficult rescues and I was surprised to find that I would have to not only cut through dry wall but also cut through concrete with my saw in order to save the kitten,” said Gallo.

He knew that he had to do whatever it took to save this little kitten’s life. And he did just that. And when the kitten was finally revealed, a dusty little fur ball was seen, wedged in a very tight gap. Gallo carefully removed him and placed him in his arms.

The tiny baby kitten was so happy to be rescued, and loved the cuddles he was receiving. He just couldn’t stop purring!

The kitten, now named Gavin, is being bottle fed, and is being well taken care of. When he is old enough, he will be put up for adoption. But for now, he is enjoying all of the love and care he is receiving. We hope that he finds a wonderful and loving forever home, and wish this little baby the best of luck!

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