Man spends more than $5,000 on gifts for friends and coworkers, and his wife is surprised when she sees how much he spent on her present.

A lady found out her husband used more than $5000 on Christmas presents for his friends and family. Yet, when she saw what he got her, she was surprised it wasn’t as thoughtful as the other gifts.

A married couple, celebrating their first Christmas together, had a tradition of buying and exchanging gifts separately, even though they had been together for three years.

While sorting through things at home, the woman accidentally found her husband’s Christmas list. She so Curious, and chose to read it.

Discovering her husband’s Christmas plans left her feeling upset. She went on Reddit to ask if her feelings were okay.

The Woman Felt Unimportant to Her Husband

At the top of her husband’s list were presents for his friends and extended family. Some of the most expensive gifts he bought included a $600 wristwatch for a co-worker, a $250 bracelet for his sister-in-law, and $900 workout gear for a friend.

After noticing the effort he put into gifts for others, the woman was excited to see what she’d get for Christmas. Sadly, she became upset when she reached her name on the list.

Instead of getting her something fancy like the others, he gave her a set of stainless steel kitchen spoons worth $20. The woman was surprised and couldn’t ignore the pain she felt.

The Woman Decided to Confront Her Husband

“I was really surprised, so I had a talk with him about it,” she said. Her husband argued that since he used his own money for the gifts, he could give whatever he wanted.

The woman said she felt disrespected because he wasn’t thoughtful. Her husband countered, saying she should appreciate a gift no matter its cost.

The argument made her husband very sad. The woman couldn’t easily forget it because she felt her husband didn’t appreciate her as much as she appreciated him.

When they were dating, she used to get him his favorite shoes or gaming equipment. In the end, he criticized his wife, calling her an “ungrateful, spoiled brat.”

He told her to stop being selfish and just accept what she got for Christmas. Since then, the husband refused to talk to his wife, thinking she was being unreasonable.

Feeling torn and unsure, the woman asked for advice on Reddit. Surprisingly, people said the same thing: “her husband didn’t value her as much as he did his friends.”

Internet Users Weighed In on the Situation

“If a colleague spent more on me than on their spouse, I’d be really weirded out,” said one person. “Getting a $250 bracelet from my brother-in-law would make me extremely uncomfortable. And considering he only spent $20 on spoons for his wife, I’d be appalled,” added another.

Some people even said the woman should consider divorcing her husband because his actions were major warning signs. “It’s a big red flag to lavish others with gifts and neglect your partner, expecting them to give you nice things in return. It’s incredibly disrespectful,” commented one person.

What do you think the woman should have done in her situation? Was it right for her to talk to her husband about his Christmas list?

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