Man Tries Saving 8 Pups From Cave-Gets Beautiful Surprise After Second Look

Rescue missions to save animals can sometimes get rough, and very very difficult. Sometimes, they don’t turn out the way you would like them to, like this little adventure.

Hope For Paws arrived on a scene where someone had reported that little puppies were living inside, without a mother. So, they went to go investigate.

When they got there, they took a peek inside and sure enough, they saw quite a few puppies. The man (who remains unidentified-as well as everyone else) was able to get a hold of one of the puppies, making sure that when he pulled the puppy out, that he wouldn’t be bitten.

The puppy cried for help, not knowing what was going to happen since he had never had human contact before. But soon, he quieted down. But the puppy’s squealing scared the other puppies away, and they got further back into the small, narrow little cave.

The man crawled into the cave, army crawling his way in, and continued to get 2 more puppies. But then, the rest decided to crawl even FURTHER into the cave, becoming impossible for them to reach.

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