Man Tries To Withdraw Cash — But Something Hit His Hand That Sent Him Sprinting Into The Bank

When Bobby Puryeas went to an ATM to withdraw some cash, he was got quite the surprise as there was $500 just waiting to be taken.

Bobby immediately went in to the bank to hand the money over, but they wouldn’t accept it. With it being such a large amount, Bobby decided that he wanted to find the rightful owner and went out of his way to find them.

With no employee in the bank willing to take the money, the manager was then called, who also did not have any idea what to do with it. Bobby then suggested that they find out who used the ATM before him, they agreed and said they would give Bobby a call if they could find out.

The following day, he received a call and to his surprise the bank had managed to find out who used the ATM before him. They discovered that the money belonged to a 92 year-old lady by the name of Edith as she had forgotten to take it from the machine.

When she found out that Bobby had the money, she was overjoyed and even offered to give him her last $20 as a reward. She had withdrawn the money to pay for her rent and only had $20 to last her the month.

Bobby of course refused to take the money and even though he doesn’t have much money himself, immediately called the bank and asked them to deposit $200 of his own money into her account so she could afford some food to eat.

When Bobby’s colleague heard what he’d done, he also decided to help and chipped in $100. Not only that, but when the bank manager told his team the story, they also decided to help and raised a further $200 for Edith.

What started as huge loss for Edith turned into a fantastic story and his post on Facebook has been shared over 200,000 times and he’s made friends from all over the world. You can take a look at the post below.

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