Man with cancer dies from coronavirus after telling doctors to “save someone else”

A DJ who battled against cancer for two years died from coronavirus having told doctors to “save someone else’s life”, according to reports.

Liam Downing celebrated his 30th birthday just days before contracting COVID-19. Suffering from leukaemia, Downing’s immune system was greatly hindered – he’d already been told his cancer was terminal.

Liam, a well-liked DJ, died on March 27 from complications relating to coronavirus, just four days after turning 30.

GoFundMe / Liam Downing

Liam’s sister, Laura, paid a special tribute to her brother. explaining how he put others before himself right through until the end.

“[On] Thursday, March 19, we were told the devastating news that there was nothing more the doctors could do to try cure Liam’s cancer, to then be told on top of the devastating news he had tested positive for Covid-19.

This had a devastating impact on Liam and our family. Liam had to move wards and be isolated away from anyone he knew. He was also not allowed to see any of his family due to the risks of spreading the virus.

On Saturday, March 21, Liam had spoken with the specialist about what his options were.

By the end of the conversation Liam had made the brave decision not to have any more medication and to just be made as comfortable and given end of life care instead.

This came as a massive shock to all of our family and friends, but that was Liam’s wish.

He had fought the battle for as long as he could with the leukaemia and did not want to waste any more of the NHS money, and selflessly said: ‘Save someone else’s life with it.‘”

His family have set up a GoFundMe page in order to raise money to cover the costs of Liam’s funeral arrangements. It’s hoped a total of £8,000 ($9,900) can be raised. Laura confirmed that any money left over will be donated to the hospital that cared for Liam during his cancer fight.

Coronavirus cases the world over continue to rise, leading to uncertain times for us all. There can be no doubt we’re in a war against a silent and unseen enemy, and therefore must all pull together and help one another.

Rest in peace, Liam, and thank you for your bravery and compassion right through until the end.

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