Man’s Upset Finding Dozens Of Holes In His Walls. Pulls Back Insulation And Has Internet In Laughter

People have been known to find all sorts of interesting things during home renovations. If they’re lucky, they’ll come across fabulous finds like cash, jewels, or antiques!

Unfortunately, Mark Von Thaden of California wasn’t blessed with that kind of good fortune. Instead of uncovering valuable treasures, he discovered that a critter had been making their own tiny home renovations to the pool house – and it had been going on for years!

All Mark wanted to do was update his pool house so that it would look even swankier than before. In this video clip, he explained how the siding needed to come down, but after he peeled off the wooden panels he noticed there were a ton of little holes in the wall.

That’s when Mark ominously mentions just how much he hates woodpeckers. It turns out a mischievous bird had been drilling holes into the wall for one very specific purpose – he was turning the pool house into a snack shack!

Mark would soon come to discover that Woody the Woodpecker had been busy stuffing acorns into those holes for who knows how long. Unfortunately for the bumbling bird, his “tree” was hollow and all his goodies slid right to the bottom, where he couldn’t reach it.

However, that didn’t keep the flighty little guy from popping acorn after acorn through the hole, as if he were pumping quarters into a Vegas-style slot machine. Both Mark and the woodpecker were oblivious to just how many tree seeds had been stashed behind the walls… until now.

You know those vertical bulk bins at the grocery store that hold dry staples like nuts, rice, and beans? As soon as you lift up the slot, gravity goes to work and everything slides right down into your bag.

Well, this sly woodpecker had unwittingly been creating an acorn food bin right inside the pool house. Watch the hilarious video clip to see what happens after Mark peels off the insulation. Yep, that’s why this unhappy man hates woodpeckers! Mark has a little bit of work to do, that’s for sure.

Watch this video to what happens when Mark peels off the insulation.


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