Mark Herring Dies After 2 Minors Used Fake 911 Call To Intimidate Him

A 60-year-old Tennessee native has died, and reports are suggesting his death was the result of his Twitter handle. According to Newsweek, 60-year-old Mark Herring was the owner of the Twitter handle, @Tennessee.

Herring secured the handle when Twitter has still relatively new. Newsweek said he claimed the Twitter handle @Tennessee because he loved his home state and the Tennessee Volunteers.

mark herring dies after 2 minors used fake 911 call to intimidate him

As one can imagine, his Twitter handle became a hot commodity. He was offered money several times for it, but he refused to give it up. 

“He was so smart,” Corinna Fitch, one of Herring’s three daughters, told WKRN. “I think he joined Twitter the day or the week Twitter came about.”

Sadly, in April 2020, a disgruntled potential buyer began harassing Herring and his family. On April 27, two of his three daughters and his ex-wife began receiving pizza orders that they didn’t request.

Confused, the women tried, unsuccessfully, to reach Herring, to see if he knew why such a thing was happening. Eventually, Herring’s son-in-law got in touch with his father-in-law’s girlfriend, who told him that “everything is not OK. I’m in the back of a cop car. I got to go,” WKRN reports.

According to WKRN, the events leading up to the pizzas and Herring’s girlfriend being put in the back of a cop car are nothing short of chaotic. As reports state, police received a call from Herring’s number that alleged he had killed a woman. 

mark herring dies after 2 minors used fake 911 call to intimidate him

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Mark Herring’s Family Speaks Out Over a Year After His Passing

Officers responded to the call with guns drawn. That’s when they encountered Herring on his porch. When police demanded that they put his hands where they can see them, Herring suffered a fatal heart attack.

“I believe he was scared to death, and that is what caused his heart attack,” Herring’s ex-wife Fran recalled.

Later, it was learned that two minors were responsible for the events that transpired on April 27. According to reports, those two people wanted to buy Herring’s Twitter handle, but when he refused, they used “intimidation tactics” in an effort to force him to sell it.

One of the minors, who lived in Tennessee, has since turned 18 and will be charged as an adult. Shane Sonderman has since pleaded guilty to wire fraud/conspiracy, interstate communication of threats, false information and hoaxes, and conspiracy. He reportedly has done something similar to six other victims.

Sonderman had a co-conspirator who lives in the United Kingdom. However, that person is still a minor and he will not be extradited.

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