Metabolic Diet For 13 Days, Weight Loss Of 15 To 44 Pounds

This type of eating schedule lasts for 13 days and it is not very easy but it is definitely doable. The absorption change is so noteworthy and in 13 days you can return to conventional eating schedule. This is not a traditional eating routine of wretchedness brought on by longing and one which creates the metabolism of the living form. With the Metabolic eating regimen, you will reduce about 7 to 20 kg (15 to 44 pounds).

The eating routine continues on for 13 days – no more and no less!

You have to remember that if in the middle of the eating schedule, you consume lager, wine, eat dessert or nibble gum, even to intake less food, you should stop on time the eating regimen and the effect will be eliminated

You can begin with your eating regimen after a while, yet not inside the next six months. The metabolic eating regimen can be done again after two years, if it is necessary. In case you need to achieve awesome outcomes, you should be significantly fiery and educated and not to go off to some distant yourself from your eating regimen.


Breakfast: espresso and you must add one piece of sugar.

Lunch: 1 tomato, spinach – cooked in water, 200 gr. of mixed greens and 2 eggs.

Diner: fat free steak – 200 gr. and browned, green veggies with lemon and olive oil.


Breakfast: dark espresso with one cube sugar.

Lunch: yogurt and ham -200 gr.

Dinner: the same as first day and also include a natural product of your choice.


Breakfast: the same as first day and also some toast.

Lunch: mixed green as the first day, plus 1 cut of ham and 2 boiled eggs.

Dinner: 1 tomato, and 1 celery-boiled and one natural product.


Breakfast: same as first day and also include one toast.

Lunch: 1 yogurt and squeezed apple or freshly pressed orange.

Dinner: 200 gr. Of curds, 1 boiled egg and 1 huge carrot.


Breakfast: lemon juice and 1 big carrot.

Lunch: trout or salmon – 200 gr. with lemon singed or boiled and 1 tbs liquefied spread.

Dinner: steak-200 gr., crude celery and mixed greens like the first day.


Breakfast: the same as first day plus one toast.

Lunch: 1 huge carrot and 2 eggs.

Dinner: cooked or barbecued chicken – 250 gr. and spinach portion plus mixed greens with olive oil and lemon.


Breakfast: sugar free tea.

Lunch: no food, just drink water.

Dinner: 1 apple Plus grilled 200 gr. of sheep hack.


Breakfast: dark espresso wit one cube of sugar.

Lunch: 1 tomato, 2 boiled eggs and 200 gr. of spinach cooked.

Dinner: steak with no fat and seared – 200 gr. mixed greens with lemon and olive oil.


Breakfast: dark espresso with cube of sugar.

Lunch: 1 yogurt and 1 cut of ham.

Dinner: same as the first day with included natural product.

DAY 10

Breakfast: same as first day and one toast.

Lunch: 1 piece of ham, portion of green veggies same as first day and 2 boiled eggs.

Dinner: 1 tomato, natural product of your choice and 1 celery, boiled.

DAY 11

Breakfast: same as first day and one toast.

Lunch: 1 apple or freshly squeezed orange and one yogurt.

Dinner: 1 huge carrot, 1 boiled egg and 1 container curds.

DAY 12

Breakfast: 1 big carrot and lemon juice on it.

Lunch: salmon 100 gr. with lemon and one spoon of dissolved spread.

Dinner: same as first day – steak 200 gr. and green veggies, little bit of celery and spinach.

DAY 13

Breakfast: same as the first day and also one toast.

Lunch: 1 big carrot with lemon and 2 eggs.

Dinner: cooked or flame broiled chicken – 250 gr. and one portion of green veggies with lemon and olive oil.

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