Michael J. Fox discusses his Parkinson’s disease battle, saying, “My short memory is shot.”

Michael has opened up about his health issues, revealing that the Parkinson’s disease he was diagnosed with nearly 30 years ago, when he was just 29, is taking its toll and hurting his short-term memory.

He made his illness public in 1998, and two years later, when his health deteriorated, he semi-retired from performing. It took a long time for young Michael to accept the fact, but he eventually resolved to make the best of his situation, despite the challenges that the cancer had forced him to face.

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He also mentioned that he used to have a “great competence for lines and memorizing,” but that “the last few years have been difficult than most.” “And I’ve had some extreme scenarios where the past two of projects I’ve done were actually incredibly word-heavy parts,” Michael continued. During both of them, I was having trouble.”

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For 32 years, the Teen Wolf and Spin City star has been married to actress Tracy Pollan, with whom he shares four children. Despite his difficulties, Michael considers his life to be excellent because he is surrounded by his loving family and individuals who are his greatest supporters.

“I’m not a good guitar player. Michael told People, “My drawing is no longer good, my dancing was never fantastic, and acting is becoming more difficult.” “Now it’s time to get down to business,” says the author. Fortunately, I like it a lot. People do not believe me when I say that I like life. “Being with my family is one of my favorite things in the world.”

Michael J. Fox is a phenomenal performer and a remarkable human being. In the years ahead, we only wish him the best. We hope he continues to be as upbeat as he has been throughout his life.