Michigan landlord charges small business tenants $1 April rent after coronavirus lockdown

Many lives have been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Thousands have succumbed to the virus in the US alone, and even beyond the hospital wards are the consequences being felt.

Small businesses are one of those groups seriously feeling the sting of the restrictions set upon the public – with little to no customers they no longer have a cash flow.

Which is why one commercial property owner in Royal Oak, Michigan has gone above and beyond.

Reports state Bill Harrison notified his renters via an email in March that they would only be expected to pay $1 for April’s rent.

Bill understood that his tenants would be amongst those seriously hurt by the current situation, and so instead pondered over what he could do to help.

“I sent a message to my tenants saying for April rent just send me a check for $1,” Bill said, as per WXYZ. “When I cash that check that’s assurance to you that I have accepted a dollar as payment. We are going to take it a month at a time.”

Bill is a longtime property owner with three tenants located in downtown Royal Oak.

“It was nice of them to reply,” said a humble Harrison. “I would say, I do what I think is right and if people don’t like that that’s their problem, not mine.”

Indeed, we can hope that Bill’s move may inspire others to consider such changes where they can.

“When they do get open, business is going to be slow and we will have to be compassionate then as well,” Bill continued.

Well done, Bill, and thank you for doing something that will no doubt help an awful lot.

During these coronavirus times it’s more important than ever that we band together and do what we can to help others.

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