Miranda and Josh’s amazing birth story

When Miranda and Josh, of Charlotte, N.C, dreamed of starting a family, they hoped to have several children.

But for various reasons, the couple, who both happen to be professional nurses, had difficulties conceiving. After trying to get pregnant for more than a year,  turned to artificial insemination.

Gradually, through IVF procedure, they were blessed with a baby girl, Joslyn.

A year later, Miranda hoped to have more children, so they turned once again to in vitro fertilization. Six weeks later, the couple found out that they were expecting twins.

But the ultrasound was fuzzy and the doctor wasn’t sure how many babies were growing in her belly. Four days later came separate set of news which nobody could ever have imagined.

Facebook / Miranda Crawford

“I was shocked, the doctor was shocked,” Miranda said.

“Never had that happened in his entire career.”