Mix 2 items and reduce the belly fat

These days people have troubles losing the abdomen fat especially in the hips and waist. Here you will see the best recipe for this aim and in no time too!

This is a great cream for getting the body you always wanted and also fast as well, like a few weeks only!

The cream is easy to make and is all natural so no chemicals and side effects are expected.


1 and ½ pill camphor

Medium pack baby oil


Add camphor to the oil so they both get good mixed.

Leave this to rest for 2 days. Stir and is ready for usage.


If you have allergy to camphor, NO METHOD for you!

Have lots of water!

If you use this all the time, you can have the best results.

This cream reduces the belly fat and you can also lose weight in the hips, waist, belly and In no time!

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