These Modern Blackout Curtains Capture Night Sky In World’s Grandest Cities.

If you’re stuck at home this summer without the means to purchase a ticket to see the bright lights of New York or London, you might consider buying some “blackout blinds” with a modern twist that mimic those night cityscapes, just to tide you over for a while.

Blackout blinds were first popularized during World War II. Residents in urban areas of northern Europe were required to install the blinds, mostly made of black cotton fabric, over their windows to make it harder for Axis bomber planes to navigate through the night skies.

They’re now largely used in college dorms and by those who work the late shift, but companies such as HoleRoll in the Ukraine and Finnish company Aalto + Aalto have put a unique and modern twist on the standard model.

They’ve figured out a way to mimic skylines and other nightscapes, essentially by punching patterned holes in the fabric.