Mom Faces Long Jail Sentence After Ex-Husband Accidentally Sees Videos Stored On Her Phone

After a father borrowed his ex-wife’s phone, he easily found something on it that disturbed him and made him sick. Because he knew that his 1-year-old daughter was no longer safe in the custody of this woman, he called the police and got the law involved. Now this dad from Tulsa, Oklahoma is glad that the true woman has been exposed. As you’ll soon see, it’s shocking what the baby’s mother, Jerrica Lackey, had stored on her smartphone, just shocking…

Because the father needed to borrow the phone for a moment, he was using it when he noticed an app he had hear about on the news – and not for anything good. It was called Kik. The father knew this app had the reputation for exploiting children and as a vehicle to conduct other heinous sex crimes.

Dad was looking out for the best interests of his baby daughter when he opened the app. And what he saw was deeply disturbing. Lackey had been sending nude photos and vidoes of his 1-year-old daughter to her boyfriend, who lives in Florida.

Not only that, but the videos and photos proved that the girl’s mother was abusing the baby. Lackey was immediately reported to the authorities, who took the allegations seriously.

Now Lackey has been charged with five counts of sexual abuse of a child under the age of 12. The mother is only 29 years old herself. But her crimes are so horrible, she has been arrested and is rotting behind bars in Tulsa County Jail waiting to pay her $250,000 bond.

Lackey admitted that she only took the revealing photos and videos of her baby because her boyfriend asked her to. Because it was something he wanted, she was willing to exploit her innocent child. And she decided to use the Kik app to send the photos because it was more anonymous than regular text messaging or emailing.

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