Mom offers homeless man pizza – discovers his true identity, gets the shock of her life

Being homeless is something no one wishes upon themselves. Everyone goes through hard times in life and I know many have experienced periods where they have struggled with finances.

Homeless people are almost invisible to most of us. We either avoid them or just don’t see them. It must mean the world to them when someone actually does. At the end of the day we are all human beings and deserve the same amount of respect and worth.

French lady Karine Gombeau was on a visit in New York City , when she spotted she a homeless man walking along the street and rummaging the garbage cans. She had some leftover pizza in a doggy bag and decided to give it to the man. She thought he looked hungry and could use the meal more.

Little did she know, that the man was not actually homeless.

A few days later, she read about the story in the news and was shocked to find out who the man was. This is a story that made the news a few years ago but we just think it’s too good not to share with a very important message.

In April 2014 Karine Gombeau was visiting New York with her husband and son. She had just been to a pizza place and had some left-over pizza and in a doggy bag to eat later on. She changed her mind about that when she saw a tired and worn out looking homeless man who was going through the garbage bins. She went over to him and offered her pizza.

She tells Today “”I said, ‘Je suis désolée (I am sorry), but the pizza is cold,” but the man seemed happy and thankful.

Karine and the homeless man went their separate ways and she didn’t think much more of the incident.

Until two days later.

A staff member at the hotel she was staying at came up to her holding a newspaper in her hand. In it there was a picture of Karine — along with the homeless man. She was confused and shocked, she read the headline and saw the name Richard Gere. The Hollywood moviestar himself. She couldn’t believe it.

The actor was preparing for his new movie “Time Out of Mind” where he plays a homeless man. To get into character, he spent an afternoon disguised as homeless on the streets of New York City, Today writes.

He is a hell of an actor that Richard Gere. He looked like a regular homeless guy on the street. No one paid attention to him all day. Except Karine.

“She was a complete stranger who just happened to see him acting, It’s a sweet story.” Gere’s publicists told Today.

Karine is a genuinely gracious human being whose act of kindness and compassion has been acknowledged in the best possible way. She’s a great example of the potential of mankind.

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