Mom says it’s important to get permission from the baby before changing their diapers.

None of us really likes changing diapers, but it’s a regular part of taking care of kids that most of us will have to do!

This mom has different ways to care for your baby’s diaper, like asking the baby if it’s okay first!

Changing diapers is something people do when they have a baby. It’s not the most fun part of being a parent, but almost everyone goes through it.

When it comes to taking care of babies, people have different opinions. Parents and experts don’t always agree on the best diapers, how often to change them, or the right way to do it.

The American Pregnancy Association suggests changing a diaper every two or three hours, which many experienced parents think is a good idea.

But not everyone follows this advice for when and where to change their child’s diaper.

Lottie Daley, a mom, talked on This Morning and got people talking about her unique way of deciding when to change a diaper.

She thinks it’s important to ask a child for permission before doing it, believing it teaches them about consent and controlling their bodies from a young age.

Getting consent from a baby isn’t like asking a direct “yes or no” question because they can’t understand or respond that way.

Lottie still tries to ask, hoping it sets the expectation for the child to ask and be asked before touching someone.

As Daley mentioned in her interview, it’s not just about asking for permission during diaper changes. This habit should also be used during bath time, when cleaning them, wiping things off, and even before tickling them.

She practices what she preaches and still asks her five and seven-year-old daughters for permission before helping them clean themselves.

Lottie believes that teaching kids about consent when they’re young is much better than waiting until they’re teenagers. It helps children set their own limits and learn to respect the limits of others.

She goes a bit further, saying that tickling should be stopped.

Comedian Russell Brand, who Lottie admires, has also talked about parenting on This Morning, sharing similar views on how to raise children.

He says we shouldn’t do anything to a child without their agreement that we wouldn’t do to an adult. Otherwise, it goes against a person’s right to control their body.

The star suggests parents think about how uncomfortable or inappropriate it would be to tickle an adult with their agreement and do the same with their kids.

As expected, people criticized Daley on social media after she talked about her ideas on the show.

Some are worried that her views might mean never helping kids clean themselves, leading to hygiene issues and health risks. Others think banning things like tickling is too extreme and takes away from the special aspects of parenting.

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