Mom Sends Awesome Letter To Principal After Her Daughter’s Dress Code Violation

The weather is warmer, so you know what that means! That’s right — ridiculous dress code enforcement that a majority of the time is unfair towards the girls in school.

That’s what we have today, and hell hath no fury like a mother on a mission.

That mother is Catherine Guggenheimer Pearlman, who took to social media to share a photo of the shorts that got her daughter in trouble.

These were apparently inappropriate because they stopped short of her daughter’s fingertips.

But she wasn’t just sharing on Instagram — she also wrote a community post on the Today website.

In it she talks about how her daughter is being punished for being tall for her age, and then hilariously calls on the principal for help.

They’re pretty specific:

Then this helpful reminder:

No word on if he replied, but I think that this round goes to mom.

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