Mom sends coronavirus warning after finding toddler “fitting and unresponsive”

A worried mom has issued a grave warning to other parents after she found her toddler ‘fitting and unresponsive’ in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

According to the Daily Mirror, the unnamed mom shared a heartbreaking photo of her daughter in hospital after the little one had tested positive for COVID-19.

The toddler had battled coronavirus for five days before her condition deteriorated and her mom found her fitting. Along with the photo, the mom wrote that her daughter’s “little body couldn’t take it anymore”.

Credit: Facebook

The mom explained: “She’s so unwell. After a bag of fluids and medication we’re finally home.”

It’s feared that the little girl’s struggles aren’t quite over with yet, though. Reports state it could be another week before her body is able to get over coronavirus.

“Stop letting your kids out to play!” the mom wrote to finish her post. With the weather getting better, she fears parents might let their children out to play, thus exposing them to the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Credit: Facebook

So far there have been over 390,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus globally, while an estimated 17,000 people have died. Those figures are certain to increase in the coming weeks, despite the fact many countries are taking precautions to slow the virus’ spread.

During these troubling times we must all band together and respect the opinions of the experts if we’re to stay safe.

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