Mom Tells Baby Girl “I Love You.” Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Baby’s Comeback

This Mom and her adorable baby girl love to say “I love you” to each other. As soon as Mom sings “I love you,” her baby girl, Gemma Kate, repeats it in the exact same way. It’s easy to see the apple doesn’t fall from the tree in this family!

Babycenter explains that children around Gemma’s age are able to form basic sounds of words, just like you see in the video. The website says, “The first proper word is often said around the baby’s first birthday. First words are usually simple names or easy to say objects. Nouns usually come first, like ‘ball.’ The words may not always sound like adult words, but the words are used consistently for the same thing, for example ‘og’ for dog.” While Gemma can’t say “I love you” perfectly, she definitely has the basic sounds down pat!

Thankfully Mom had the camera rolling during their exchange and was able to capture such a sweet moment forever! Take a peek at their adorable “I love you” song for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. Have your children ever said something that made your heart melt? Share your own precious memories in the Facebook comments section. It’s true, there’s nothing better than being a parent.