Mom was criticized for posting online photos of her child doing household chores like cooking and cleaning.

Numerous things in contemporary culture are categorized as belonging to men or women.Women are always expected to know how to cook, do laundry, and clean the house, whereas the majority of boys are expected to be athletic and handy with tools.

When men or boys perform tasks that are thought to belong to women, people find it odd and funny.
When Nicole Boulogne, a mother from Michigan, posted photos of her 7-year-old son doing the dishes and cleaning the house, she received criticism.Her parenting was questioned by many, who argued that men shouldn’t help around the house or do other chores because they belong to women.

Nicole, a single mother of two, tries her best to instill independence in her children.She does everything around the house, but she thinks that teaching her kids to do things on their own will benefit them in the long run.

Her older child can cook, do some yard work, and do some basic housework.She plans to show her second child, who is still a baby, how to do the same thing when she gets older.

She responded appropriately when asked why she instilled this behavior in her child.

I instruct my child in housekeeping and cooking.Why?because only women take care of the house.because he might one day be a single man who lives on his own, can do laundry, and doesn’t rely on getting dinner delivered every night.because he might want to impress a future partner with a meal they cooked together.because once he has children and a wife, he will need help around the house.Considering that I will leave behind a generation of people who will begrudge their education for not teaching them how to cook, tie their own ties, pay taxes, or wash laundry.

“Because it is my responsibility to teach my child these skills and prepare him to contribute to society both inside and outside the home, you can teach valuable lessons while allowing your child to be a child.Cooking and household chores are never too “manly” for my child.After changing a tire, he’ll be able to check on his pot roast.Who has the time to simultaneously mow the lawn and wash their clothes?Keep in mind, parents:A man who believes he should not be required to cook or clean up after himself was once a child who was not taught any better.

Clearly, the scientific side is her mother’s.Research shows that children who are allowed to help around the house later in life learn how to take calculated risks, take responsibility, and achieve high goals.

Nicole, congratulations!We consider you to be an excellent mother.

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