Mother Can No Longer Walk For Wedding Dance, Groom’s Solution Make His Bride Weep

Weddings are a magical event to celebrate the union of two people, as well as their families. They’re also full of rich customs and traditions that have been around for centuries. During the reception, it’s customary for the groom and his mother to dance. This presented a bit of a problem since Luke’s mother has ALS and has to use a wheelchair to get around. But Luke had a plan and he knew he was going to do something special for his beloved mother.

The entire family was gathered around when Luke kneels down next to her on the dance floor and begins “dancing” their mother-son dance together. As they dance to Mariah Carey’s hit song “Hero” everyone is slowly reduced to tears. The bride said it was the most touching moment she had ever witnessed and we agree completely

As Luke is comforting and swaying back and forth with her to the music, it is very evident how much this means to his mother and what a special moment to treasure. Sadly, Luke’s mom did pass away after their wedding, but thanks to her loving son she got to experience a moment of pure joy and happiness as she witnessed her son embark on the magical journey of marriage. Nothing is more important that family!

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