The mother can’t believe her eyes when her baby is shown to her. This hasn’t happened for 50 years.

For more than 50 years, only girls have been born into Dara Crouch’s side of the family. Dara went into labour not knowing what the gender of her baby would be.  The mother of two from Georgia was convinced her three-year-old daughter would soon have a little sister. But no, it was in fact a BOY — the first boy to be welcomed into her side of the family in more than 50 years.

The photographer present at the birth, Neely Ker-Fox, captured the moment the 29-year-old caught sight of her child and here was her reaction: “When my midwife, Melissa, held him up, I was in complete shock! It was a boy, and I lost it! I was so excited, and so in love! I couldn’t imagine it being any other way!”

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