The mother of five decides not to pull her children from the flames. She’s now celebrated as a hero.

This day in Rachel Martin’s life began as it normally would. The mother of five was looking forward to a nice afternoon in the park with her children. The sun was shining, so the kids were eager to go out and play. But on the drive to the park her car suddenly started to slow down and the family was soon left to contend with a shocking experience that they’ll never forget.

Rachel pulled the car over and got out to see what was wrong. To her surprise, she saw that the entire engine block was on fire!

The horrifying scene immediately threw her into a state of panic as she considered what to do next. Her first thought was to pull her children from the car as quickly as possible, but she then she had a better idea.

Instead, she shouted to her children: “Everyone out of the car now!” She did this because she knew that it’d have taken too long to pull her children from the vehicle herself. While her children were escaping from the burning car, she tried to stamp out the flames with her feet, which left her with burns that required treatment at the hospital.

But thankfully her children were left unscathed by this frightening incident. Despite her alarm, Rachel did the right thing as the entire vehicle was soon engulfed in flames. The mother took her terrified children by the hand and led them to safety — a smart move considering that the vehicle could still explode.

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