Mother gives birth to twins – almost faints when she sees their size

Becoming a parent is an exciting experience and one that deserves to be celebrated. So what’s better than having one baby?


Twins are fairly uncommon — just 3 out of every 100 births is twins. Due to women waiting until they are older to have children and the increase in fertility treatments, the rate of twin births rose steadily from about 1980 to 2009 but has stayed consistent since then.

A woman in Scotland gave birth to twins, but these babies are even rarer…

Twins in the family

Alanna and Paul Merrie recently added to their family, in a big way. Though they already had a daughter, they were thrilled when they found out that they were having another baby — or two!

Twins are common in both Alanna and Paul’s family, so they knew that there was a chance they would have twins, as well.

Often, twins are more common in families that already have sets of twins, on either side.

“My dad had brothers who were twins, and there are twins on my mum’s side as well,” said Alanna.

Baby bump

During Alanna’s pregnancy, people often commented on the size of her growing bump.

She knew she was having twins, but even with the size of her bump, she had no idea just how big her twin boys would be.

Knowing that her twins would probably be bigger than normal, the family didn’t purchase newborn clothes for the twins. They weren’t sure what size they would need.

“I didn’t buy them anything, because I didn’t want to risk having to take things back because they didn’t fit them,” she told Daily Mail.

When the twins were finally born, they shocked everyone, including the doctors and hospital staff when they realized how big the twins were.

They weighed 8lb 12oz and 8lb 1oz respectively — a total of 16lb 13oz. They are thought to be the heaviest twins ever born in Scotland.

Bigger than predicted

Alanna is a doctor herself and predicted that the twins would be larger than normal. However, her boys were much bigger than even she thought.

“We have a lovely little daughter, and now that we have boys, it’s a complete package,” said the proud father. “It’s always great for any lad to have a boy. We all know boys can get into a bit of trouble, but we’ll keep them busy — a lot of sport will do them good.”

Congratulations to the family and their lovely new additions!